Serving the Capitol Mall, Lewiston and Idaho Falls



The Capitol Mall Parking Office is located
in the Parking Garage (5th and State)
basement near Security.


  • PARKING GARAGE HOURS: The Capitol Mall parking garages on 5th & State and 7th & Washington are open daily from 5am to 8pm, except during Legislative Session, when they are open from 5am to 11pm. If you need access above the first level of a parking garage after hours or on weekends, contact Security at 208-334-3468, or press the call button at the elevator. Please have identifying information at the ready.
  • PARKING ENFORCEMENT: Warnings and citations are issued by Capitol Mall Security for vehicles found in violation of parking regulations and posted signage. The collection of any charges associated with a parking violation are handled by Boise City Parking Control.
  • BUS PASSES: Monthly bus passes are available to Capitol Mall employees for $32. Call 208-332-1932 for more information.
  • VISITOR PARKING: A "Visitor" is a non-employee carrying out state business or attending a state-sponspored event in the Capitol Mall. Visitor parking is available without a permit for 3-hour blocks in several lots throughout the Capitol Mall. See the Capitol Mall parking map for these locations. In addition, there are street and lot parking options within walking distance of the Capitol Mall. See Boise Parking Services and CCDC Parking for more information.
  • DISABLED EMPLOYEE PARKING: Capitol Mall employees requiring a disabled employee parking space may, upon payment of a general space monthly fee, be issued an assigned space in the Capitol Mall. To apply: Disabled Employee Space Form.
  • MOTORCYCLE PARKING:Capitol Mall employees may request a motorcycle parking sticker to park in designated motorcycle parking areas throughout the Capitol Mall. Call 208-332-1932 for more info.
  • BICYCLE PARKING: A locked bicycle storage room centrally located in the Capitol Mall in available to employees between the hours of 5am and 8pm. For more information call 208-332-1932. There are publicly-accessible locking racks located near each building in the Capitol Complex. Bicycles must be removed at the end of business each day.
  • TOWING POLICY: Vehicles will be towed from Capitol Complex parking areas only after every effort has been made to contact the vehicle owner.




Visitor parking spaces have increased in the Capitol Mall parking system, and you can see all the available locations on the parking map.

The new parking garage at 7th & Washington has added 600 more available spaces to the Capitol Mall parking system.