Capitol Public Event Reservation


For reserving one of these two locations only:

  • Idaho State Capitol Front Steps (south side, facing Jefferson Street)
  • 2nd floor rotunda (interior of building)

Step 1: Mandatory information

You are required to understand and abide by the rules and information below when you hold a public event at the Idaho State Capitol Building. If you have any questions about this information, email us before you proceed:

Rules for use:
Important Notes & Useful Info:
  1. Reservations can be made a MINIMUM of 2 business days in advance, and a MAXIMUM of 6 months in advance. [IDAPA 38.04.08, Section 400.03]
  2. Is a reservation required? A reservation permit is NOT required for public use of the State Capitol. “A Permit grants a reservation providing priority for use of the area,” but public use is permitted without a permit “…subject to the provisions of these rules, on a first-come, first used basis.” [IDAPA 38.04.08, Section 400.01]
  3. Weddings, receptions, etc…? As per the “Guidelines for Use of the Idaho State Capitol INTERIOR” linked above, “The Capitol building cannot be reserved for private events (weddings, receptions, proms, parties, and so forth).” Weddings and other ceremonies do take place in the building, and are not prohibited per se. The rules simply do not allow reservations for such events.
  4. Is there a fee for use? There is no fee for either reservations or allowed use of the Capitol Building.
  5. Is parking allowed in the curved driveway? No, parking is not allowed in the curved driveways in front of the Capitol [DIAGRAM].
  6. Where can I park to unload? Your best bet it probably metered City parking along Jefferson Street.
  7. Is there a loading elevator inside the Capitol? The east rotunda elevator is larger, and more accommodating for loading in.
  8. What equipment can the State provide? For reserved events only, a lectern and a portable (battery powered) public address system may be made available for a reservation on the Jefferson Street steps (pending availability). The lectern and PA system will be set up 15 minutes prior to the event start time, on the middle landing of the Front Steps [DIAGRAM] or on the north side of the 2nd Floor Rotunda (unless you request a different location). This equipment may not be moved by the user. Public address systems are not permitted for reservations in the Rotunda in order to minimize disruptions to offices conducting business. We cannot provide this equipment without an event reservation. NOTE: The PA system we can provide is adequate for small events, but may not be sufficient for larger events. You are encouraged to bring other equipment as suitable for your needs.
  9. Can the State provide tables, chairs, and other equipment? Aside from the items listed above, we are not able to provide other equipment for your event. You are welcome to bring chairs, tables, or other equipment as needed. When using the rotunda, please be sure feet and other points contacting marble floors are padded to protect the marble from damage.
  10. May I move furnishings inside the Capitol? No, you may NOT move any existing Capitol furnishings, including the benches around the rotunda.
  11. Is there electricity I can use on the Front Steps? For use by reserved events on the Front Steps only, there is 120-volt electrical access on either side of the steps [DIAGRAM]. You will need to provide necessary cords and other supplies as needed for your event. We recommend at least 50 feet of extension cord.
  12. Closure for maintenance: Notice of closure of public space for maintenance is posted at our Grounds page.

Step 2: Complete and submit the form


If you have any difficulty with the new form, please call 208-332-1930 for help. Thank you for your patience as we strive to make the form more user-friendly!

Step 3: After you submit the form

When we receive your application it will be reviewed and processed within two business days. You will receive a confirmation by email in the form of a calendar event invitation with your completed permit attached. It is wise to print and bring this permit with you to your event, though it is not required.

We reserve the right to cancel a reservation if the location is required for an official State function, including but not limited to use by an elected official. In such case, Facilities Services will notify you and every effort will be made to help you reschedule your reservation.

Reserving Other Areas Inside the Capitol Building

The center open area inside the Capitol Building is the rotunda. There are reservable spaces on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th floors of the rotunda. The rotunda as a whole is an open space, and sound carries readily between all floors. In order to be sure a public event on one floor isn’t impacted by sound from another, all three floors are treated as a single reservable space. If there is a reservation on the 1st floor, another event may not reserve the 2nd floor during that same time, and so on.

Although the rotunda is treated as a single open space for the purposes of reservation, the 1st and 4th floors reservations are handled by the Legislature while the 2nd floor reservations are handled by the Department of Administration.

For information about reserve the 1st or 4th floor rotunda for public events, see the information at the Legislature website

Events on Other Capitol Mall Properties

Events on Capitol Mall properties other than the Capitol Building do not require completion of the Public Event Reservation Request form. Individuals or organizations wishing to hold events on Capitol Mall properties should familiarize themselves with the Rules & Policies as linked in the header above.

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