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Security Services

Assisting agencies in identifying potential security and personal safety concerns, and developing plans to address such concerns.

EMERGENCIES (safety, medical, or threats): Call Capitol Mall Security at 208-334-2222




Capitol Mall Emergency Response Materials (downloads)

Threatening Person in Office

If you feel threatened by anyone, either a coworker or a visitor, call 208-334-2222 as soon as it is safe to do so. If a visitor is verbally or physically threatening you, keep communicating with them and try to signal a coworker to call for help.

Escort to Vehicle

We are happy to have a Security officer escort you to your vehicle after work. Just call 208-334-3468 before you are ready to leave, and give us 30 minutes notice.

Call Boxes

Exterior Call Box
Exterior Call Box
Interior Call Box
Interior Call Box

Call Boxes are conveniently located throughout the Capitol Mall, and can be used to contact the Security Control Center.

Photo/ID Access Cards

For photo ID/access cards and keys, email or call 208-332-1932.

Keys & Locks

Use the Maintenance Request Form and select "Keys and Locks" from the TOPIC menu.

Lost & Found

Call 208-334-3468 to report a lost or found item.

Flat Tire

We can provide a portable air tank with minimal air pressure that will in many cases allow you to reach a tire store for repairs. Contact us at 208-334-3468 for help.


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