CMS: Grounds Management

Maintaining grounds and landscaping in the Idaho Capitol Mall.
These schedules may be modified without notification due to weather, holidays, staffing, emergency repairs, equipment failures, funding changes, contract modifications, State Events and Exhibits, or other causes that arise.


  • Monday: Capitol, LBJ, Borah, Steunenberg Park, JRW, 8th St. Parking Lot.
  • Tuesday: Parking garage, 7th St. Parking Lot, 6th Street Parking Lot, PTC, Public Works, Blind Commission, Alexander House, 3rd St. Parking Lot, Library.
  • Wednesday: Supreme Court, Capitol Annex.
  • Thursday/Friday: Trimming, edging, clean-up, weeding, misc. activities.


  • Irrigation repairs and adjustments
  • Grounds repairs
  • Planting bed maintenance
  • Leaf removal
  • Snow removal and de-icing
  • Fertilization
  • Tree trimming


  • Sprinkler systems throughout the Capitol Mall are controlled with Acclima® moisture sensor systems, which automatically water when in-ground sensors determine watering is necessary.
  • The irrigation systems typically operate during evening hours, between 6 PM until 6 AM, but may occur during daytime hours.
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