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Employee parking:
  • New Payroll Deduction Permit Application – Use this form if you are a permanent Capitol Mall employee and you do not already have a parking tag (such as a new employee). This form can only be accessed from a computer within the State network. If you lost your parking permit, see the REPLACEMENT form below. By submitting an application, you agree to these terms and conditions.
  • Update your info: to change or update information (vehicle info, phone number, etc…) associated with your existing permit, email with the updated information.
  • Reserved parking spaces: Click for more information about employee reserved parking spaces, or to view the current waiting list.
  • Carpool  parking: Click for more information about free reserved parking for Capitol Mall employee carpools.
  • Employee ADA spaces: Capitol Mall employees requiring an ADA parking space may, upon payment of a general space monthly fee, be issued an assigned space in the Capitol Mall.
  • Cancel parking: Use this form to cancel your employee parking tag and stop your automatic payroll deduction payments.
Self-Pay Permit Request:
  • Self-Pay Permit Parking Link: Use this form if you are an individual performing work or providing services to a department tenant as a temporary and/or contract employee in the Capitol Mall, but you do not receive a State-issued paycheck.
Parking garages:
  • Garage hours during Legislative interim (generally April through December): Open daily 5am-8pm
  • Garage hours during Legislative session (generally January through March): Open 5am-11pm
  • If you need access above the first level of a parking garage after hours or on weekends, contact Security at 208-334-3468, or press the call button at the elevator. Please have identifying information at the ready.
  • The height clearance in the parking garage is seven (7) feet. Truck campers that extend higher than the height of the cab will likely be too tall.
  • Security officers stationed at dangerous intersections of the parking garage are there to help assure the safety of everyone in the garage. It can be difficult to see vehicles coming and going from the structure, and the officer is there to help make sure that someone doesn’t run into you!
Parking enforcement:
  • Warnings and citations are issued by Capitol Mall Security for vehicles found in violation of parking regulations and posted signage. The collection of any charges associated with a parking violation are handled by Boise City Parking Control.
  • Vehicles will be towed from Capitol Mall parking areas only after every effort has been made to contact the vehicle owner.
After Hours and Weekends Parking in the Capitol Annex, Borah Bldg, and 8th Street Lot:
  • Outside of business hours (8am-5pm Mondays through Fridays, excluding holidays), State employees may park in the parking lots at the Capitol Annex, Borah Bldg, and 8th Street Lot if the following two things are both true:
    • Employee is currently paying for parking in the Capitol Mall; AND
    • Employee’s vehicle license plate number is up-to-date in the Capitol Mall  Parking database.
  • Updates should be sent to
  • After-hours parking in these lots will be operated and enforced by “The Car Park”
  • For more information,  email
Visitor parking:
  • A “Visitor” is a non-employee carrying out state business or attending a state-sponsored event in the Capitol Mall.
  • Visitor parking is available without a permit for 3-hour blocks in several lots throughout the Capitol Mall. See the parking map for these locations.
  • In addition, there are street and lot parking options within walking distance of the Capitol Mall. See Boise Parking Services for more information.
Capitol Mall Hosted Meeting Parking:
  • Email to arrange for parking in the Capitol Mall for meetings hosted by a tenant agency.
Motorcycle parking:
  • Capitol Mall employees may request a motorcycle parking sticker to park in designated motorcycle parking areas throughout the Capitol Mall.
  • Email for more info.
Bicycle parking:
  • A locked bicycle storage room, centrally located in the Capitol Mall, is available to employees between the hours of 5am and 8pm.
  • There are publicly-accessible locking racks located near each building in the Capitol Mall. Bicycles must be removed at the end of business each day.
  • Email for more info.
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