Annual Parking Renewal

Parking-related questions:

Before you start:

  • By parking in the Capitol Mall Complex, you agree to everything stated in the Capitol Mall Parking Terms and Conditions. Further questions/concerns can be directed to Capitol Mall Parking at 208-332-1932 or email
  • The annual parking permit renewal takes place in June/July of each fiscal year.
  • The renewal process is in place to make sure that all vehicle information in the parking database is kept up to date and personnel vehicle information is accurate.


  1. If you need to update/change any of your vehicle information, please contact the Capitol Mall Parking office at
  2. If no changes need to be made, please refer to the exchange dates as sent out by your department/division. If you did not receive notification please reach out to the parking office at for dates and locations.
  3. Please bring your old parking hang tag with you to the exchange.
  4. You are welcome to attend any exchange location listed.
  5. If you are unable to attend any exchange location, you will need to come down to the main parking office to exchange your permit.

Please note, if exchanging at a date after any exchange locations, please call or email the Capitol Mall parking office to coordinate your exchange.

Capitol Mall Parking
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