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Use this form to request a free login account to make reservations in Capitol Mall Conference Rooms or the Chinden Campus Conference Rooms.

If you already have a login, do not use this form. To reset a forgotten password, go to the login screen and click “Reset login now” under the login fields.

Questions? Contact Daniel at or 208-332-1930

  • Your agency's SUBSIDIARY code is a 7 or 9-digit number used for interagency billings. It's often listed under "SUBSIDIARY" on interagency bills. THIS IS *NOT* THE AGENCY EIN NUMBER. Enter the 7- or 9-digit number below.

    NOTE: We can only bill State agencies for conference room use. Private billing/payment is not available.

    Some common subsidiary code prefixes (not an exhaustive list) are below. For more help, contact your agency's fiscal team.
    • 101… House of Representatives
    • 102… Legislative Services
    • 130… Secretary of State
    • 140… Controller's Office
    • 150… Treasurer's Office
    • 160… Attorney General
    • 170… Department of Education
    • 180… Division of Financial Management
    • 181… Governor's Office
    • 189… Blind Commission
    • 194… Human Resources
    • 200… Administration
    • 210… Agriculture
    • 220… Commerce
    • 245… DEQ
    • 260… Insurance
    • 270… Health & Welfare
    • 285… Juvenile Corrections
    • 290… Transportation
    • 300… Industrial Commision
    • 320… Lands
    • 352… Tax Commission
    • 360… Water Resources
    • 450… Building Safety
    • 522… Historical Society
    • 523… Voc Rehab
  • Please don't contact us for your Subsidiary number, you must get this from your agency.

  • BY CLICKING CLICKING THE CHECKBOX BELOW (required before you can submit) you assert the following:
    1. You acknowledge that you must read, understand, and abide by the terms & conditions for use of any space you reserve.
    2. Furthermore, you will assure that all others who use the room as part of your reservation will also abide by the terms & conditions for use.
    3. You have the authority to incur charges for room use that will be billed to your agency.
    4. You understand that you are responsible for cancelling reservations you no longer need no less than 48 hours prior to its start time, or else your agency will still be charged.
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