Capitol Mall Conference Rooms Terms & Conditions

Updated: 20-Dec-2019

Your use of the booking system is subject to these terms, and a failure to abide by these terms may result in a cancellation of your login. For questions/help, email or call 208-332-1930.

  1. Conference rooms are available for use by reservation by State agencies between 8am and 5pm weekdays, excluding holidays.
  2. An invoice will be sent to the reserving agency each month for the previous month’s reservations. We cannot accept payment from individuals directly.
  3. The room is yours for the time you reserve; i.e. if your reservation is from 1:00pm-5:00pm, the room will be unlocked for you at 1:00pm. If you need access to the room earlier, reserve it earlier.
  4. If you request us to set up tables & chairs in a particular arrangement for your reservation (requested at least one week in advance), then we will need the first hour of your reservation to do the setup, no exceptions.
  5. If you request a setup for X people but do not specify a setup style/layout, we will not provide a setup. If you request a specific setup style/layout but do not specify how many people, we will not provide a setup.
  6. Custom setup sketches must be emailed to no less than one week in advance.
  7. Neither Facilities Services nor its agents can accept any responsibility for equipment or other items left you bring into conference rooms, without exception. You are entirely responsible for all personal items you bring into the room.
  8. EQUIPMENT: Aside from basic furniture as listed at at, rooms ARE NOT EQUIPPED with telephones, projectors, extension cords/power strips, or other commonly-used items. You must provide all other equipment.
  9. CANCELLATION: You must cancel a reservation a minimum of 48 hours prior to start time in order to not be charged.
  10. You may NOT move equipment or furnishing out of the room.
  11. THE FIRE DOOR between JRW East and JRW West conference rooms must remain closed, and the area in front of them completely clear, at all times. If you block them, we WILL interrupt your meeting to correct the situation.
  12. LECTERN MICROPHONE: Do not interfere, alter, or otherwise fiddle with it. Lecterns will be checked after each reservation, and if repairs are needed due to microphone fiddling, you will be charged.  Yes, you may move the mic around — it’s articulated for that purpose.
  13. DO NOT UNPLUG THE LECTERN. If you do not need the microphone, turn it off on the lectern.


A room that is not left properly cleaned may result in a fee. Please do the following before you vacate a room:

  1. Erase whiteboard
  2. Putting trash (soda cans, cups, napkins, wrappers, etc…) in receptacles
  3. Wipe up food and drink spills
  4. Remove equipment or other items you brought
  5. Assure that caterer’s equipment (coffee pots, cups, ice containers, etc…) is removed from room


  1. General dusting or cleaning of tabletops (except for spills)
  2. Stacking or organizing tables or chairs
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