CMS: Capitol Mall Conference Rooms Terms & Conditions

Your use of conference rooms is subject to these terms:
  1. An invoice will be sent to the reserving agency each month for the previous month’s reservations. We cannot accept payment from individuals directly.
  2. We cannot accept any responsibility for equipment or other items you may leave in a conference room. You are entirely responsible for all personal items you bring into the room.
  3. CANCELLATION: You must cancel a reservation a minimum of 48 hours prior to start time in order to not be charged.
  4. SETUP: Room setups must be requested 1 week in advance, and the first hour of your reservation must be available for setup, so that we can schedule necessary staff resources. Make reservations accordingly.
  5. You may NOT move equipment or furnishing out of the room.
  6. You are liable for damage to room equipment caused by your use.
  7. A room that is not left properly cleaned may result in a fee. Please do the following before you vacate a room:
    • Putting trash (soda cans, cups, napkins, wrappers, etc…) in receptacles
    • Wipe up food and drink spills
    • Remove equipment or other items you brought
    • Assure that caterer’s equipment (coffee pots, cups, ice containers, etc…) is removed from room
    • Restore tables and chairs to their original positions.

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