CMS: Janitorial Services

Common questions:
  • How often should my trash be emptied? Trash from work areas is to be collected daily.
  • I’ve made a mess! What do I do? Submit a service request form and choose “Janitorial” from the topic. We’ll send someone to help.
  • We’re out of toilet tissue and/or paper towels. Submit a service request form and choose “Janitorial” for the topic. We’ll send someone to refill help.
About carpet cleaning:
  • As per contract specifications, carpet cleaning processes adhere to Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) standards. Only hot water extraction (HWE) cleaning methods are permitted without special approval. In HWE, heated water and cleaning agents are sprayed into carpet at high pressure and vacuumed out immediately.
  • Carpets are normally fully dry by the following morning.
  • Regular cleaning helps to preserve carpet life by removing damaging dirt and grim, and to remove particulates that can affect air quality.
  • Cleaning personnel will pick up and replace chair mats. However, they will NOT move personal items, so we ask that you do that before leaving for the day.
Capitol Mall Recycling
  • How the Capitol Mall recycling program works:
    • Recycling barrels are located throughout Capitol Mall common areas.
    • These barrels are consolidated into outside bins by custodial staff, and Republic Recycling empties the bins.
    • This program is part of the City of Boise recycling program and all guidelines pertaining to what can and cannot be placed into blue recycling bins are defined by the City of Boise program guidelines.
    • NOTE: You are responsible for emptying small individual office bins into the large collection barrels in common areas. Custodial staff do not collect individual bins.
  • What can be recycled (this list is subject to change at any time; for the most up-to-date list & guidelines, consult — keeping in mind that we do not have the “orange bag” program, so items that would otherwise go into an orange bag must go into the trash instead):
    • Plastic beverage and detergent bottles
    • Newspaper
    • Cardboard
    • Magazines
    • Junk mail
    • Boxes
    • Wrapping paper
    • Cards
    • Paper egg cartons
    • Miscellaneous paper
    • Aluminum and Steel Cans
    • Aluminum Foil
  • Capitol Mall recycling does NOT include the “orange bag” program, so items that would go into an orange bag in residential recycling must be placed in the trash instead.
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