CMS: Using Public Space at the Idaho State Capitol Building Without a Reservation

You may hold a public event or otherwise use public space at the Idaho State Capitol Building without a reservation, as per IDAPA 38.04.08, Section 400-01:

“A Permit grants a reservation providing priority for use of the area specified in the Permit as set forth in Subsection 200.04 of these rules. Applicants desiring to obtain a Permit for use of the Exterior or the Public Space outside of the Permit areas, hours or duration or who have not submitted an application within the application period may use the Exterior or the Public Space, subject to the provisions of these rules, on a first-come, first used basis [emphasis added].”


  1. If a permit has already been issued for use of space at a particular time, that permit has priority. Click here to see what permits have already been issued.
  2. If no permit has been issued, the space is available “on a first-come, first used basis.”
  3. Those using the space must still adhere to the rules (click here to view). The following are prohibited:
    1. Private events, including weddings.
    2. Commercial activity.
    3. Open flames.
    4. Alcohol.
    5. Driving stakes or other objects into grass.

Notification to Security:

You are not required to notify Capitol Mall Security or Idaho State Police of your intention to use public space. However, if you choose to do so, you may submit details about your event to:

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