Temporary Parking Permit Application

Terms & Conditions for use of a Capitol Mall Temporary Parking Permit

A “Capitol Mall Temporary Parking Permit” is a special permit, valid for one, two, or three months, which allows the bearer to park in general Capitol Mall parking spaces. These permits cost $8 per month, and a maximum of 3 months of parking permits can be purchased at one time ($24 for 3 months). They are available to (a) employees of temporary service agencies (such as ProPeople); (b) employees of companies providing services to Capitol Mall employees; or (c) temporary State employees such as Legislative attachés.

If you receive your paycheck from the State Controller’s Office, do not use this form! Go to the main parking page and use the “New permit application.”

You may be eligible to purchase a Capitol Mall Long-Term Temporary Parking Permit if you meet the following criteria (as per IDAPA 38.04.04): “Monthly temporary parking permits are available to an individual performing work or providing services to a department tenant in the Capitol Mall, but who does not receive a state of Idaho-issued paycheck.”

Important Notes:

  • Possession of a permit DOES NOT guarantee availability of a parking space.
  • Payment must be received before a permit will be issued; we cannot bill your agency or company.
  • You must print this form and bring it with you — we do not keep copies on hand.

Permit Pickup

Complete the application below and send it to: parking@adm.idaho.gov. You will then need to contact the Capitol Mall parking office at 208-332-1932 or parking@adm.idaho.gov to schedule a time to pay for and pick up permit(s).

Bring cash (exact change) or check (payable to “Facilities Services”) to the Capitol Mall Parking office in the basement of the State Parking Garage #1 at 550 W. State Street. Please call ahead before coming to the office if an appointment is not set and/or with questions or for directions.

A permit can be purchased for $8.00 per month with a maximum of 3 months purchased at one time ($24 for 3 months).

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