Capitol Holiday Tree

PLEASE NOTE! We have trees already selected for 2022. As such, the next evaluation time will be August 2023.

If you’d like to have your tree considered for a future Idaho Capitol Holiday Tree, please read the information below.

Acceptable tree specifications:

  • Species: Blue Spruce with a single leader (i.e. only one “peak” stem/trunk point)
  • Height: Between 30 and 50 feet
  • Location: Boise, closer to Capitol Bldg preferred

The selection process:

  • We begin evaluating candidate trees every August.
  • We generally have a final decision by the end of August.
  • When we select a tree, we contact the donor to confirm it’s still available.
  • When confirmed, we begin project planning.

Cutting and Transport:

  • Cutting takes place (generally) Monday on Thanksgiving week.
  • Crews gather at 9am, and the tree is generally cut and ready to move by 10-11am.
  • The tree is transported to the Capitol Building and erected that day.
  • We will schedule with you to have the stump ground down.
  • You are welcome to watch the cutting and placement from a safe distance.

Decoration and Lighting:

  • Decoration takes approximately 4-5 days.
  • The lighting ceremony is generally the Monday after cutting.

To submit your tree for consideration:

  1. Take photographs of the tree, showing both sides. Be sure to include the surrounding area.
  2. Email the photos, with answers to the questions below, to:
    • Your name
    • Your phone number
    • Address of tree
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